Monday, May 26, 2014

Poppins Book Nook- Folktales!

   We chose to read "Stone Soup" (The 1947 version) by Marcia Brown as part of the Poppins Book Nook series with the May theme of "Folktales."  We chose to focus on this particular book for a whole week. On Monday, we simply read the book and familiarized ourselves with the story. Tuesday, we reread the book and then filled out the questions on the bookmark provided (free) here by Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. Wednesday we reread the story again, only this time I would pause at the end of a sentence or page and see if Chickadee could finish the phrase. After we finished reading the book this day, Chickadee had to fill out a shopping list for Stone Soup. 
Chickadee is sounding out the words she needs to add to her list!
This is one of her best "Inventive Spelling" papers yet! I was so proud of her for sounding out each word on her own and not asking for any help!
 On Thursday we completed a lapbook I found here, which was specifically for the version of Stone Soup (by Marcia Brown)! Chickadee had a great time adding to the lapbook and answering the questions!  

On Friday, we read the book one last time, completed the lapbook components from our Poppins Book Nook lapbook (found here) and then we made our very own STONE SOUP! There are many recipes for stone soup on the internet and we took advice from several and came up with our own recipe. 
Adding the Stone to our Stone Soup!

Adding Potatoes!

Mix it all up!

She gave it 2 thumbs up! MMMM!
While the soup was cooking, we did one final project. I created a template with a big black pot on it that said "Stone Soup" and gave her some magazines to look through and cut out ingredients for stone soup. I think this was her favorite project of the whole week! She loved cutting and gluing all the different foods she could find for her picture! (It was great fine motor/scissors skills work too!)

All we used for our stone soup collage!

Cutting in Action!

Finished Collage!!
All in all, we had a great week reading this folktale and doing various activities to go with this great book! What a fun adventure to learn to make Stone Soup!

Until life's next adventure,