Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dolphin Adventures!

     Most of my posts are about the adventures of Chickadee or our family.... this post however is all about an adventure I got to take recently! A few years ago my family attended a local zoo's Christmas display and while waiting for the dolphin show I was reading through a brochure. I noticed it said that they offered a "Dolphin In-Water Experience" and I told my husband that that was what I wanted for my next big "milestone" birthday in a year and a half. He just kinda laughed it off and that was it. WELL, this year happened to be my next "milestone" birthday and he remembered! My parents, mother-in-law, husband, and Chickadee all chipped in to help pay for a dream to come true! (I have wanted to swim with dolphins FOREVER.... I even considered studying them for a profession!)  

   The experience was incredible! We had a short "class" on dolphins and were introduced to the dolphins at our local zoo, we watched the dolphin show from reserved seats, then got changed and headed to the back pools to interact with them! I loved every minute of it (except for maybe my fishy smelling hands from feeding the dolphins all those fish..lol). I will stop rambling now and just show you some pictures!

This picture was given to me from the Zoo!! Dolphin kisses are awesome!

We got to give commands, pet, hug, high five, feed, and enjoy the dolphins!

Definitely an Adventure of a lifetime!!! :)

Til life's next adventure,