Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Charlotte's Web Book Adventure!

    This fall, Chickadee and I had a blast spending a few weeks reading our way through Charlotte's Web by E.B.White! 
   What a fun book for a unit study! I was a little nervous doing something like this with Chickadee seeing as how she is only in Kindergarten (and not quite 5), but I wanted to give it a try. I am SO glad I did! We read a chapter a day 4-5 days per week. (The first few weeks of our study we had Co-Op classes one day a week which makes it hard to do other school activities on that day!) I used several different resources (all of which I have listed below, with links!) and completed an activity or two to go along with each chapter we read.  Our Charlotte's Web time was saved for the afternoons when I knew we could spend as much time as needed completing the quick review of what we had previously read, daily reading, and activities. We created the "Literature Notebook" as instructed in the Confessions of a Homeschooler's Charlotte Web study guide and I filled most of those papers in as Chickadee told me what to write. I also printed off several age-appropriate farm, pig, and spider worksheets and included them in this "Literature Notebook" so that she could do some activities herself. The resources we used include (*all are free at time of printing unless otherwise noted*):

Confessions of a Homeschooler's Charlotte's Web Literature Study - This was the basis           of our study and we supplemented with a few other things. I loved that this is adaptable for ages K-4th grade. (*$2.00; but well worth it!)

This Reading Mama did a book club group this past summer and had created some neat printables to go use with the kids. I especially liked the spider facts vs fiction cut and paste! 

This Reading Mama's Farm Pack for PreK and K students also has a lot of info on spiders and pigs as well as farm life in general if you are introducing that topic to your child. I think we pulled two or three activities out of this and used them as a supplement.

3 Dinosaurs' Farm Printable Pack for PreK and K students includes a large variety of printable, hands-on activities and worksheets for students. We printed a few of these off just for fun and did them on occasion!

123Homeschool4me's Farm Pack same as above! Many fun activities to print and use for fun!

These are links to individual worksheets I found:
Web worksheets from
Farm worksheets from
SEVERAL printables and activity ideas on this page!

We also used "My Favorite Sticker Book: Farm" that I picked up from Dollar Tree awhile back, which she enjoyed!

I have always believe that pictures say a thousand words, so here are some from our study!

Working on a Charlotte's Web Diorama with Dad!

Weaving a Web (we later added a spider to it!)

Charlotte's Web Lapbook
(From Confessions of a Homeschooler- See above)

This was the inside of her "Pet Fair Brochure"
I think this was one of the most fun parts for Chickadee!

Part of the Story Setting booklet

Chickadee's Typing of Charlotte's Web Character Names
Chickadee standing with most of our hands-on projects at the end of our study!
You can see our "word webs" handing on the wall, our spider fact vs. fiction worksheet, our lapbook, diorama, weaved web with spiders!, and our farm sticker book!

This was such a fun way to study a subject and we are already looking forward to the next book study we can do together! Thanks for reading and I hope you've been inspired to create a book study adventure of your own!