Sunday, September 7, 2014

Adventures in First Grade....

  So it begins, I now have a FIRST grader!! I can't believe that Chickadee is ready for first grade work!! She has been working all summer on improving her reading and every time she picks up a new book, I am blown away by how well she is reading it! (My favorite though, is when she really does come to a big word she doesn't know and she just turns it into one she does... it makes for some funny sentences!)

   We have been working back into our routine slowly and have pretty much gotten it set as we just finished up our 4th week of school. Here are some pictures of our first day!

    On her first day of school, we buy her a cheap "I'm proud of you" type card and each of us writes a short message to her. Seeing as how one of her love languages is gifts (which is the LEAST of my love languages so I really have to work at this) she adores these cards and keeps them sitting on her desk ALL year! She still has last years card on her desk as well! Its a "cheap" but invaluable way for us to express how proud we are of her and show her how much we love her in a way that really speaks that to her!

A few activities from our first day: 
Calendar time

Writing sight words in shaving cream!

All About Me poster!! I love that we can fill this out each year, take a picture of it and compare it to previous years! (We NEED to get a current picture of her printed to hang up with it!) 

We are well on our way to learning and loving first grade! We have already done many exciting things and several more are coming up! Stay tuned for more great adventures, the Wright way!