Saturday, April 9, 2016

Better late than never....

 It's been 18 months... 18 loooong months since I last updated you all on our life's adventures the wright way. Life has thrown us a few curveballs and we are getting ready for a big move in 7 short weeks. I really want to get back to blogging though, I love sharing our homeschool journey with  you!

  For a quick update:
  Chickadee is now in 2nd grade (almost finished actually) and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. We are loving homeschooling more and more each day and the freedom it gives us as a family and the joy we have in learning!

 This past week this is what our school looked like:

Rock climbing at Zoo Atlanta! Chickadee has begged to do a rock climbing type experience for several months. We finally were able to find one that she could try! She loved it :) 

Brushing a goat at Zoo Atlanta Children's Zoo. 

Giraffe fun at Zoo Atlanta. This is one of her favorite animals!

Chickadee and I 

Critter show, this is an armadillo.. we really were this close!

Baby American Alligator... pretty cool!

PANDAS!!!! Chickadee's first time to ever see a real panda. She was captivated!

Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Chickadee trying her hand at farming the "old fashioned way"

Chickadee and her Papa exploring the river.

We watched 30 elk for about a half hour... they were just across a small part of the river. It was a pretty neat experience!

Pioneer Farm Museum in the Great Smokey Mountains National park

Photo Fun :)

We had a great trip with my parents visiting my sister and exploring the a few places down south. I love how flexible we can be with our homeschool schedule and that we can have days to do some hands-on learning and exploring!! 

Hoping to update more frequently!! Thanks for joining us on another adventure the Wright way!