Tuesday, May 20, 2014

USA Adventures

   This spring I started "Road Trip USA" (from Confessions of a Homeschooler) with Chickadee as she was showing a lot of interest in different states and maps. We have had a lot of fun learning about the USA so far! Below are some of the resources we are using for our study (along with the purchased curriculum from above).
We are using National Geographic KIDS United States Atlas; National Geographic KIDS U.S. Road Trip Atlas; Sticker Atlas of the United States (gifted to us by a friend who hadn't used it); 50 States Under God for young learners (not pictured); Flash Cards United States (from Target dollar spot); and other books for each state from our local library! We also have a large wall map and a few of the highlights "Which Way USA" for select states. 

The first lesson introduces the 5 main regions in our country:

We completed next few lessons going over important American icons.
 The White House mini book contains info on who lives there, the address, and other important facts. The Flag mini book talks about the history, the reason behind the stars/stripes, etc. The Statue of Liberty mini book (Chickadee's favorite!)  has info on who gave it to America, why they did, where it is located, etc. And the last mini book is the Pledge of Allegiance with it written on the inside. (Chickadee and I took turns writing phrases so not to overwhelm her!) During  these first few lessons we talked about the different regions of our country and other basic information pertaining to our country as a whole. We also read a little about our Country's Capitol- Washington D.C. and located it on a map!

  Watch for an upcoming post containing info on the next few lessons in Road Trip USA! I highly recommend this curriculum for any elementary aged child interested in learning about the states of our country and having fun!

Until our next adventure,

DISCLAIMER: These review is completely mine. I am not being paid in any way for my views and recommendations.