Thursday, May 8, 2014

Random Adventures!

Here is a summary of our late winter/early spring adventures!!

   Everyone's a Princess Adventure: The weekend we attended my sisters' bridal shower, we also were able to attend "The Enchanted Princess Ball" (more info found here). I highly recommend any Michigan readers with young daughters look into this! We have been 3 times (the school a family member works at hosts this event every year!). It is such a fun activity to experience with your daughters! (My favorite it always seeing the Dad's that bring their "Princesses" for a date!) Anyways, its a local group who dresses up and performs many of the best princess songs from the Disney movies. It is interactive as they dance and sing around where you are sitting, bring all the kids up to the castle for not one but TWO separate dance parties! and prince Charming even tries the glass slipper on several of the girls feet in the audience. Afterwards they give you a lot of time to take personal pictures with each of the princess characters! Here are a few of our pictures from this year's event!

Throwing her gold coin into the Wishing Well
Dance Party!
Snow White and Cinderella
Sofia the First
Bell (Chickadee's favorite princess)

Tinker Bell 
Elsa from Frozen!

   Superhero Adventures:  Chickadee also attended school with her Grandma on "Superhero" day and they dressed up like Super(wo)man and her Super Hero Sidekick!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPERMAN!

     Birthday STOMP adventures: My husband's, my youngest sister's, and my birthdays are all in April and on one of our trips visiting my parents in Michigan, STOMP (awesome percussion performance) happened to be performing near by.  My parents surprised the 3 of us with tickets to see the show!  We were all surprised and very excited! Chickadee still remembers things from the show and will break out in Stomp-inspired music from time to time now!

Those were are biggest adventures in the past few months! We have also taken several field trips for school (watch for upcoming post) and we are currently wrapping up our school year! We are excited to see what adventures summer will hold! 

'Til life's next adventure,