Friday, June 6, 2014

Adventures in the Northeast Region part 1

 The next several lessons of our Road Trip USA start by introducing you to the states of the Northeast region. We were able to complete four states before the end of our school year and will be taking a break until next fall. We were able to learn about Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, and Maryland. Chickadee is really loving this study and I am amazed at how well she has been able to learn each of the state capitols, learn some of the state animals/insects/etc., learn where the state is located, and other information about each state. With the Road Trip USA curriculum, there is a coloring page included for each state as well as postcard to make. The postcards are my favorite activity! Below are some of Chickadee's coloring pages and postcards:

After this was finished, I cut it out and glued the picture to the message side and laminate them to keep better! I was really excited that just before we started our study, Highlights Which Way USA sent us an advertising envelope and inside were stickers (one for each state) so that is what we use for our stamps on our postcards!

Here is Chickadee eating a poptart one morning when she looked at me and proclaimed "It looks like Delaware!" Love that girl's creativity!

Also, during the study of Delaware we learned about the Delaware Memorial Bridge and the Road Trip USA has instructions on how to build a replica of the bridge. We had a lot of fun working on it together as a family. Here are a few pictures! (And this bridge is still in our school room... I can't throw it out yet, we worked hard on it!) Chickadee had a lot of fun testing some of her small cars on the roadway too! I had her test it before the "string supports" were added and after to see WHY the supports were so important!

Proud Engineer!
Lastly, during our study of Maryland, we learned that they have a state boat: a Skipjack. Chickadee and her Dad made some of these boats and tested them in the water. 

Again, I can't say how much we love this curriculum, the hands on approach, and the fun we have while learning about our 50 states! Looking forward to the fall when we can pick back up into our study! 
For more info on this wonderful Road Trip USA curriculum by Confessions of a Homeschooler click here!

Until Life's Next Adventure,