Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Full Swing!

  We have been trying to get into a routine here, after all, it has been 3 weeks since school started! However, I have a daughter who is NOT a morning person and I have learned one of the joys of homeschooling is to let her sleep a little longer so that we can both enjoy the day more! We have also been busy the past few weeks with different activities. Here are a few pics of what we have been up to!

 Working on more art projects from Home Art Studio!
"Happy Sun"

Completed "Happy Sun"
(I love the eye lashes she added on this project!)

We took a field trip to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis!
The just opened their brand new Playscape area and Chicadee LOVED it! 

I love to see them interact together!

Chicadee was afraid to climb in the climber at first. It took her multiple tries to talk herself into climbing all the way to the top to get in the boat! She was so proud and excited that she finally faced her fear and did it! We were very proud of her and it was neat to watch her face that fear to do something she really wanted to do! ;)

She drew the rabbit in the art studio!

Water table play!    ~I LOVE her smile here~

A little more Art Appreciation interpretations of "American Gothic" 

Latest art project "Sunflowers" based on Vincent Van Gogh's "15 sunflowers in a vase"
(from Home Art Studio)

Hope you enjoyed a small glimpse into our busy lives! September is definitely going to slow down a little for us! Enjoy the adventures!