Thursday, September 5, 2013

Even Super Heroes go to school!

 Last night at church, we talked about how God gives us an awesome power to help us be more like him every day- The Holy Spirit. One of the activities was to talk about super heroes and how they have special powers and how we are "like" super heroes in the fact that with the Holy Spirit helping us, we have "powers" to help us be more like Christ.

 I had the kids in my class make "Super Hero" masks to remind them that the Holy Spirit is there to help us anytime, anywhere! This morning, Chickadee woke up, insisted on wearing red and blue ("because those are superhero colors, like Superman") and then finished her wardrobe with her mask... She then told me she was a super hero with the Holy Spirit and she was ready for school!

  She proceeded to wear her mask during all our morning activities:

**I love this kid!**