Monday, September 9, 2013

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Necklace Sequencing

We decided to try out the Virtual Book Club for the first time! This month's author was Bill Martin Jr. We chose the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?" (one of Chickadee's favorite books!)

I picked this book because it was a book that Chickadee loves and enjoys reading, but not one that we had done a lot of activities with. She was excited as she pulled out the activity and wanted to know what we were going to do! Here is what I used:
The book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Bill Martin Jr./Eric Carle; Pony/craft beads;  "Brown Bear Flip Book" cards

The first thing we did was read the story. Since this is a favorite of Chickadee she pretty much as this story memorized and so she read it to me!  
She even added voices for the different characters! It was great!
Next we took the cards I had prepared and played matching, matching the pictures to the words that described the cards:

Then, we made our sequencing necklace!! I had her lay out the pairs of words/pictures and get out the bag of beads. I asked her which animal came first in the book and she said "Brown Bear!" so we added one bead and then added the brown bear word card and picture card. Next we added 2 beads (for the second animal) and she knew red bird was next so we added the word card and the picture card. Then we added 3 beads (for the 3rd picture) and she had to check in the book for what came next because she couldn't remember. We continued using this pattern (# of beads for which number the animal was plus the word card and picture card) until the necklace was completed!

Look at that concentration!!

Finally, we had a finished "Story Sequencing Necklace" and she just HAD to wear it and retell me the story of the book using her new necklace!

**This activity ended up teaching more than just story sequencing! We did matching, counting beads, ordinal numbers, worked on fine motor skills, and retelling the story! My favorite part of the activity of was Chickadee was stringing on beads, stopped and looked up at me and said- "Mom, this is awesome! I LOVE this!" 
Making learning fun.... that's what it's all about!

Until next time, Enjoy life's adventures!