Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Operation Christmas Child!

   A few years ago, I participated in filling a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child while in college. Being college students (who often have no money...) a friend and i decided to work together to fill a box splitting the (small) cost in half! We loved doing it and I always said I wanted to do it again. I seemingly forgot about the program though as I graduated and started my job. However, last year, I came across many blogs/posts about others filling their shoeboxes and sending them in which reminded me that I wanted to do it. By the time I found all the information, I had missed the deadline, meaning once again, I couldn't participate. 

   This year, Chickadee and I made the cutoff by one hour!! WHOO HOO!! I happened to see something about it on Sunday evening and so I followed the links to find out that yesterday was the last day you could turn one in! (While this makes sense, that they have to be done early enough to be mailed to kids on time, it didn't quite sink in in years past I guess...) Anyways, so yesterday morning, I got up, woke up Chickadee, explained to her what we were going to do and headed to the store. Chickadee chose to do a girl ages 2-4. I also asked her if she would like to give any money to helping to buy gifts (I knew she would because she has a very giving spirit). I let her choose how much of her money she wanted to bring along to purchase gifts. She chose some of her money, placed it in "wallet" and brought it with. Then we walked around the store finding fun things to put in our box. 

   We ended up getting the following items for our little girl: 
*Paper pad
*Crayons (24)
*Glitter foam stickers
*Mini-stamp and marker set
*Hair accessories
*Mini magna-doodle
*Pink stuffed monkey (that was SUPER soft)
*A little dress/outfit
*A package of pretty socks
*Heart shaped bracelets
*Letter written from our family to her and her family!

  Her little box was filled up and I loved praying over her box with Chickadee. I have also encouraged Chickadee to pray for her during other times of the day. We bought the online shipping option so that we can track our box and find out where it is sent to! We are excited to be a part of this great ministry and opportunity!

   Also, we had a bonus opportunity when we took our box in to drop it off. As we were leaving the drop-off site, a gentleman pulled up and opened his truck. It was filled with boxes and he was alone. I told Chickadee we were going to ask him if he would like help carrying them in. He happily accepted our offer and together we carried in a lot more boxes! It was neat to see Chickadee getting to help others while learning about giving. Overall, we had a great morning being the hands and feet of Jesus! I can't wait to do our boxes next year!!! (We plan to do at LEAST 2!)

Until life's next adventure,