Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Fun!

Crisp, Cool Breeze, Beautiful Color-Changing Leaves, Warm Fires, Pumpkin flavored foods...We love fall around here! 
Here is what our family has been up to this fall:

Texture Owl Art Project! 

One of the lessons in our Home Art Studio (Kindergarten) was to make a texture owl. The DVD even took us on a "field trip" to see a real owl that had been rescued. Chickadee had a wonderful time tearing the paper and gluing it into the owl shape. I love the eyes she made for her owl. This was a perfect art project for fall!

Fire Safety!

October is fire safety month! We took a trip to the local fire station and Chickadee loved sitting in and seeing inside the real fire trucks! We also used some old resources from when I was teaching in the public school system to enhance our learning. Above you can see her reading a weekly reader! I printed off some activities that she loved! She especially enjoyed measuring fire safety related items with her ruler! She also enjoyed playing a firefighter board game a couple of times. (Both printables can be found at here). Finally, I had her write a letter to the fireman at our fire station thanking them for the tour they gave us and telling them what she learned. I was very impressed with her handwriting and the time she took to make her letter neat! We learned a lot and she enjoyed it! 


  This was Chickadee's third season playing soccer and she loves it! It's amazing to see how much she has improved since last fall. We are lucky to have a great park district that runs a fall/spring soccer schedule!

Science: Investigating Water
   We have been learning all about water these past few weeks in Science. This particular picture was a water wonder necklace that she made. She had to freeze it and observe the difference in the water and sparkles when it was frozen vs. when it was a liquid. She loves science and I love all of the hands on experiments in our Science Curriculum (Elemental Science). (Click here for more info).

Charlotte's Web
   We have started working on a Charlotte's web unit study. Each day we read a chapter aloud and then work on an activity, craft, project, lapbook component etc. that goes with the book. Most of what we are doing came from here. Chickadee has loved this study so far and we are enjoying the time reading aloud together as well. We are looking forward to completing our lapbook and watching the movie version at the end of our unit!

FINALLY, fall experiences cannot be complete without....
A trip to the pumpkin patch!

   This was our first time at this particular pumpkin patch and we enjoyed it! They had a lot of little things, to offer as you can see above. Chickadee enjoyed petting the pigs and goats, riding in the wagon pulled by horses, riding in the barrels pulled by a small tractor, climbing on hay bales, shooting apples in a slingshot at a target hay bale, picking pumpkins, and spending time with our family (even Grandma joined us on this trip!). It was a wonderful day spent in God's beauty of the changing seasons! 

Until our next adventure,