Sunday, August 4, 2013

New School Room!

Our school room is just about ready for Tuesday morning!

   As I mentioned previously, while I was away teaching, my husband built us a surprise new school room. Last year while we dipped our toes into the home-schooling word of Pre-K, we mainly used our guest bedroom/office room. It was a tiny space that was REALLY multipurpose, but it worked! However, we were blessed with this great area when we returned home in June! We are so thankful for his hard work and the great space he created for us!  

   Here are some pictures of the awesome room my husband built in our garage just for me and Chicadee!

A view of the main part of our new room!!

A close up of the school side!!

This is the other side- mostly used for book storage...

AND, our calendar board- she has a calendar binder that she will be working on daily that she will bring over and complete while we talk about these things. She is really excited about keeping track of the number of days of school to get to 100! 
**We will be doing a lot of our work in this great room! However, we will also be doing some subjects in other areas:
*Art will be done in our family room as we need to watch the lesson on DVD
*A lot of our science will be done outside as well as core subjects on nice fall days! :)
*And when we need a change of scenery, we will be completing lessons at the kitchen table!

Thanks for reading and joining us on our adventures!

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