Friday, August 16, 2013

First day of School!

    We officially started school last week! I now have an official Kindergartner :) Chicadee is LOVING school and proudly boasts to anyone who asks (and even some who don't): "I'm in Kindergarten! I am homeschooled!!" (I love that she is as excited about being homeschooled as much as she is about Kindergarten....)

Here is are some 1st day pictures:

**I love her fun spirit!**

(I may have ran to the store the night before and gotten her a few *extra* school supplies to surprise her with on her first day! I got her a puppy folder, some window markers, 2 small boxes of special colored crayons, a Sophia cup, and some fun snacks!)

Working on her journal- Here she is writing/drawing about what she is most excited for in Kindergarten! (She picked Art and Science!!)

Hope your back to school days are going well also!! Until next time....


**Let me know how YOUR back to school days are going... comments below!