Wednesday, January 22, 2014

100's day Adventure!

How we celebrated our first 100 days of Homeschooling Kindergarten!

 I wanted to give Chickadee a fun day for making it through her first 100 days of Kindergarten!! She knew when our 100th day would be as we have been keeping track of the number of days during our morning calendar time, however, she had NO idea what I had planned for her! The night before our 100th day (after she was well asleep!) I made the 100 poster (with 3 sets of 100 "things"-hearts, swirls, and stars- one hundred around each number) and hung it up in our living room entrance! (I had decided we would be doing school in the living room on this day since A-it was more of a fun day and we could be more relaxed in there and B-the temperature outside was near the single digits (before wind chill) which meant our school room would be REALLY REALLY cold!) I also piled up all the books we would be reading (see list at end of post) and put in the different activities between the books.  When she came out of her room that morning, she was SO excited! 

  The first thing we did was head out to our cold school room to do our calendar time- I wanted her to SEE how to move our place value straws to make 100 and fill in her "100 days of school chart. Once we were sure it was our 100th day, we headed back to the living room. We read a few poems from the book "Counting our way to the 100th Day!" Then she opened her special letter from her Grandma! (My mom is a principal at a Christian School in Michigan and wanted to send along something fun since she understands how fun the 100th day is for Kindergartners!)

Inside she found some pretty neat glasses (see picture above), a certificate, a pencil that said "Kindergartners are #1, a bookmark and a fun 100 day coloring activity! She LOVED it (but what kid doesn't thoroughly enjoy getting mail!!??!) 

  Then, we read "Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten" by Joseph Slate. She LOVED this book and even chose to write about for her first "assignment" of the day- "My favorite thing about the first 100 days of school...." Chickadee's answer was "Reading Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th day of Kindergarten with mommy." (I tried to explain that it meant she could pick something from ALL our days of school this year, life field trips, unit studies, art, etc. but she insisted that it be this! After that we played a 100 tallies dice game and read another book. Our day continued in this fashion for the most part, read a book, do a few activities, read another book, etc. (Listed below are all my resources for the activities we used as well as the books we read!) 
Dad even got in and read one of our books on his lunch break!

  One of my favorite activities was the "What can I do in 100 seconds" game. Chickadee had to estimate how many times she thought she could do a certain activity and then actually do it for 100 seconds to see what it acutally was. She had a lot of fun completing the activities which included: clap your hands, blink your eyes, sing the  alphabet, write your name, etc. 

  Another one of my favorite things she did during our celebration day was the "What I think I will look like when I am 100 years old..." Her picture cracked me up so I wanted to share it with you... 
Apparently, she is not going to have much hair on the TOP of her head, but it's going to grow all over her face. That is what she told me all the lines on her face were... :)

One of our final activities (and I think Chickadee's favorite) was making a fruit loop necklace. She had to count out all the fruit loops then string them on and then she could eat them as we did the rest of our work. Here are a few pictures of that process: 

Overall, we had a wonderfully fun day!! I wanted to leave you with just a few more "fun pictures" from our 100th day celebration!! 

Happy 100th day!

Books we read for our 100th day celebration:
  • Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th day of Kindergarten by: Joseph Slate**
  • Kindergarten Count to 100 by: Jacqueline Rogers
  • Fluffy's 100th Day at School by: Kate McMullan
  • Jake's 100th Day at School by: Lester Laminack**
  • Emily's First 100 Days of School by: Rosemary Wells
  • Henry's 100 Days of Kindergarten by: Nancy Carlson
  • Counting Our Way To The 100th Day! 100 poems by: Betsy Franco**
**These were our favorite books to read!**

List of resources where we found our activities and printables (all free at time of printing): 
  • 100's day mini unit  includes: booklet, "If I had $100.00..., My favorite thing...., What I will look like when I am 100...., trail mix recipe, Tallies dice game, Estimation page and directions.
  • 100's day activity bookmarks Includes 2 different 100 day bookmarks to make and 1 premade
  • What I can do in 100 seconds worksheet (Scroll down about 3/4 way, also has a lot of other fun ideas on this page!)
  • flip a coin 100 times (also includes a color by code- even/odd #'s and 100th day news)
These are most of the resources we used. You can find so many more ideas and free printables on pintrest or through a google search! I hope I have inspired you to have a 100's day adventure of your own! 

As always, comments, questions, or just random thoughts are always welcome!